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Plasma- and Ion Beam Technology

We offer a wide range of products in the field of ion beam generation, optics and diagnostics.

Ion Sources

Powerful ion sources for the generation of (highly) charged ions.

Special Systems

Customized special systems in the area of (ultra) high vacuum.

Cryogenic Systems

Know-how in the areas of cooling traps, cryopumps, cryostats and superconducting magnets.

Ion Beam Technology

Follow the link for further information about DREEBIT products and solutions in the field of ion beam technology as well as an extensive knowledge base on the topic of ion generation and characterization.

For inquiries concerning ion beam technology, please contact:

Erik Ritter

Head of Sales/Senior Project Manager

   +49 174-3281008

Mass Spectrometer Systems

Sputter Process Monitoring Systems

  • fast gas analysis systems for online monitoring of coating processes

Leak Detection Modules

  • customer specific solutions for manual or partially automated leak detection

High-Pressure Analyzer

  • Gas Analyzing Systems according to customer specification
  • configurable over a wide mass and pressure range with the best possible resolution

Example Leak Detection Module

  • Partly automated leak detection system for the leakage control of propellant gas cartridges for passenger car airbags
  • Automatic measurement sequence according to predefined cycle times
  • Storage of the measured data in a company-owned database system for quality assurance

Mobile Mass Spectrometer System

  • For residual gas analysis and for leak detection
  • Possibility of connection to a vacuum chamber via DN40KF flansh as well as for leak detection via heatable sniffer probe
  • Customer-specific software for controlling the measurement sequences

Process model for helium leak testing of pressure sensors

  • Integration into an automated production line
  • Fully automatic measuring cycles, retooling possible in various samples
  • Communication interface to the customer machine control sytstem, return of the measured values to the quality assurance

If you have any questions about mass spectrometer systems, please contact:

Custom vacuum sytems

Pumping systems for vacuum generation according to customer requirements

  • Design, construction and manufacturing in accordance with industrial standards
  • Pumping speed and ultimate pressure to meet the application requirements
  • Retrofit of obsolete vacuum systems with state-of-the-art components


  • Calibration systems for recurrent calibration of pressure measuring probes
  • Laboratory pumping stations for the mobile generation of various vacuum conditions

Example of a Custom Vacuum System

  • System for material analysis of rock samples in ultra high vacuum (UHV) by means of proton beam induced X-ray fluorescence
  • Highly accurate X-Y manipulators for sample positioning in the μm range