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Internship at DREEBIT

Are you interested in our company and would like to get to know us better? Simply use the chance to "sneak a peek" at some of our company divisions. An internship is the right way for this and furthermore it enriches your CV! It demonstrates that you have practical experience and know what is important in professional reality.

Internship for School Students

DREEBIT offers for interested school students the possibility to do an internship of 1 to 3 weeks.

In the IT field it is possible to gain experience both in dealing with PC science and network communication and in maintaining hardware and software.

If you have a practical/technical talent you can learn in our vacuum service how various types of vacuum pumps work and how they are maintained.


Preparation for Career Entry

Are you interested in a professional apprenticeship or an employment in our company, but not sure if DREEBIT is the right company for you?

Just send us your application!

An internship without obligation is the best way to find out whether the applicant and the company suit each other.

More Information

More information on the topic of internships can be found in the guideline of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs